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RYA shorebased Training Centre

RYA Shorebased courses, Private lessons & In-company training

As an RYA Shorebased Training Centre, we are able to train and examine all levels including RYA Essential Navigation & Seamanship, RYA Dayskipper and RYA Coastal Skipper / Yachtmaster Offshore. Also see: RYA shorebased courses We offer the shorebased courses for individuals, groups of sailing friends, families, nautical related companies and sailing clubs. During the shorebased course we make use of a RYA "student pack" and RYA Training almanac and after you completed the shorebased course succesfully you will receive a RYA certificate of satisfactory completion from us.

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Online Courses

We offer the online course RYA Essential Navigation and Seamanship. Please have a look at the introductory video. You will receive a digital RYA Certificate of satisfactory completion after completing this online course succesfully.

The lessons of our own online course Coastal Navigation you can find in the left vertical submenu or in the mobile hamburger menu on mobile and smartphones. In our online course you will learn to navigate along the European coastal waters. The lessons are freely accessable and a subscription gives you also access to one hour of support by phone, WhatsApp or e-Mail, explanations of the questions, PowerPoint Sheets.

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If your goal is a certificate of satisfactory completion for RYA Day Skipper or RYA Coastal Skipper / Yacht Master Offshore and you want to study online only, then a RYA certified online course is a good solution for you and we will give you a 20% discount if you use our voucher code: KP00-35BA-KF90-367M.

On board training

You can take a professional and CWO certified sailing instructor on board of your own yacht or the one that you have chartered. This way you can safely discover new destinations with your friends and family, enjoy your sailing holiday in a more relaxed way and at the same time, improve your knowledge and skills as much as you like and receive a CWO certificate. We often practice: man-overboard, harbour maneuvering, spinaker sailing, night sailing, navigation, radar, etc. We offer on board training in Northwest Europe and the Mediterranean Sea.

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About Elmar Teeuwen

Elmar is a CWO sailing instructor and RYA Yachtmaster® Offshore, Commercial Endorsement with STCW95 and certified coastal navigation teacher.
He has more than a decade of experience with teaching sailors on the North Sea, Atlantic, Med and Caribbean from beginners to instructor level, as well as regatta teams.
In addition to his native language Dutch, Elmar speaks English, German and Italian.
His knowledge and teaching skills could be off great value to anyone who wants to realise his sailing dreams.