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We are the specialist for selling your (semi-) custom built sailing yacht from 45 feet. Below we describe step by step our innovative approach with which we are putting sailing yachts on the market resulting in very good sales results, time after time. With a no-cure-no-pay Central Agency assignment you can expect the best net result from the sale. If you do not see the importance of a Central Agency, we still offer you all our services based on our hourly rate or a fixed price.

Sea Independent

Elmar Teeuwen has been appointed by Sea Independent as the agent for Monaco. Sea Independent is a Brokerage house operating worldwide, specializing in sale, yacht brokerage and charter of luxury sailing yachts and motor yachts, in the 14 to 50 meter range, new and pre-owned. Consisting of a worldwide network of more than thirty internationally certified yacht brokerage companies, Sea Independent has comprehensive in-house expertise and multi-faceted technical, financial and judicial knowledge. The network was established in 2010, by Marcel Borgmann, who is also chairman of the Hiswa Yachtbrokers Association. Sea Independent has optimized and documented its work procedures and codes of behavior on the basis of strict protocols from the European Maritime Certification Institute (EMCI). As a result, Sea Independent was the first registered yacht brokerage company® in the world.

Your yacht broker

Elmar Teeuwen learned his broker skills at one of the most successful international yacht brokers with regard to quality yachts from 20 meters and is a EMCI certified Yacht Broker & Appraiser. In addition to Dutch (his native language), English and German, Elmar speaks Italian, as he is living in Monza, Italy. He has fully dedicated himself to online marketing & sales, which techniques he now applies in his work as a yacht broker. Since two decades, he is an enthusiastic offshore sailing instructor and runs an RYA shore based center for Coastal Navigation. His knowledge and network in the yachting world will be off great value to anyone who wishes to bring a yacht on the market or find the yacht of his/her dreams.

Member of the Sea Independent world wide network of yacht brokers

EMCI certified Yacht Broker & Appraiser

CWO erkende zeezeilschool

CWO Chief Offshore sailing instructor

RYA Yachtmaster® Offshore, Commercial Endorsement met STCW95

RYA Yachtmaster® Offshore, Commercial Endorsement with STCW95 

watersportverbond erkende docent tkn

Certified teacher coastal navigation


Masterclass Search Engine Marketing

Google Analytics, Online Marketing, Search Ads, Display Ads, Mobile Ads, Video Ads

CV op Linkedin

Advertise your sailing yacht on our website

Everything starts with the publication of your sailing yacht on our website. Producing these detailed specifications is quite a job. Nevertheless, this is essential, because these specifications also become part of the sales or charter contract. It must of course be crystal clear, for example, whether or not the VAT has been paid, because these are the things that can break the deal at the very last stage. We would be happy to do these works for you free of charge if you assign us as your Central Agent, but you can also advertise your sailing yacht yourself on our website and maintain the contact directly with potential buyers.

Central Agency Advertise your yacht

Sales strategy

A good strategy consists of a Goal and a Plan and then taking Action!


First we want to get crystal clear what your chief goal is. Which price do you expect? How long do you have the time? How high is the need to sell or charter? Why do you want to sell? How do you want to sell or charter; Patiently waiting or in an aggressive way? The latter can be organised through an online yacht auction, with which we have achieved good results in recent years.

If you assign us as the Central Agent, we will only accept the assignment if your expectations are realistic. No-cure-no-pay also means that we do not earn anything and only waste our time if your yacht will not be sold or chartered due to an asking price that is too high. We therefore value your yacht and look carefully at alternatives on the international market.

In case we do not achieve agreement on the price strategy, we still are happy to be at your service, but on the basis of our hourly rate or fixed price and not on a no-cure-no-pay commission basis.


"Failing to plan is planning to fail"
If we are able to agree on the price strategy, we then make an annual plan. Per month we determine exactly who is going to do what and determine the advertising budget. We schedule the e-mail campaigns, advertisements in yachting magazines, advertisements on yachting portals, participation in boat shows, regattas, etc.


Now that the preparations have been completed and the mutual expectations are aligned, we are really to start! With full commitment and enthusiasm.

Photos and videos

We produce the most spectacular photo series and videos ourselves. Sometimes we even do this from the water or from the air with a semi-professional drone. With a great eye for detail, your yacht is perfectly captured. Both the interior (also 360 ° photos) and the exterior. If you assign us as the Central Agent, our photo and video shoot will cost you nothing, otherwise we offer this based on our hourly tariff.

Central Agency 10 Hours Yacht Marketing

Yacht Websites

Our unique innovative approach to yacht marketing includes a unique yacht website. The entire (online) marketing campaign becomes a funnel to that yacht website, where clients will not get distracted by competitive yachts on the market. We create an experience as if the visitor is making a sea trial on board. We provide a perfect presentation including photos, videos and all yacht specifications. An online booking system is another possibility for charter yachts. Together with you, we choose a unique domain name, the content of your website. A unique graphic design and logo will be created in the style of your yacht. Moreover, we link a Google Analytics account to your yacht website with which we can optimize the campaigns. To give you a simple example: If we see in Google Analytics that most visitors are from a certain geographic area, then we can target our campaigns on that. If you appoint us as Central Agent, a website will costs you nothing, otherwise we offer a yacht website for a fixed price.

Central Agency Yacht website Online booking system*

* The online booking system is of course only applicable to charter yachts.


Online marketing

The internet is the largest sales marina in the world. Online presence is therefore essential. We therefore optimize your yacht website for search engines such as Google, Bing and Yandex. We also advertise on Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads, including re-marketing campaigns, which means that people who have visited your yacht website can see banners or videos from your yacht as they browse the internet. We also select the most suitable yachting portals to advertise your yacht in order to attract potential buyers to your yacht website. By placing links that point to your yacht website on Social Media, forums, portals, etc., we can send as much visitors as possible to your unique yacht website. Moreover, linkbuilding, as this is called, has a very favorable effect on the ranking in search engines. We provide online marketing free of charge if you appoint us as te Central Agent, otherwise we will be happy to arrange this on the basis of an hourly rate.

Central Agency 10 Hours Yacht Marketing

E-Mail marketing

We make it possible to send newsletters, entirely in the unique style, and with only the name and logo of your sailing yacht. Anyone who is interested in your sailing yacht will automatically be added to the mailing list. All updates are communicated with beautiful emails. This is a very targetted way of e-mail marketing and that is why it is very effective. We advise every owner of a custom built yacht to build a website at the moment the keel is laid. This allows us to build up a list of sailors who are interested in your yacht and keep them up to date. One day, your yacht will be on the market.

In addition, a selection of specialized yacht brokers will be added to your mailing list after prior permission has been requested. Yacht brokers are in daily contact with the market and know to gain the trust of potential buyers. We believe that the best results can be achieved making use of the entire international yacht brokers network. The yacht broker who delivers the signed sales contract is of course entitled to his commission. For this is plenty of room, because we only charge 4% brokerage commission instead of the standard 10%. We will build an e-mail marketing system completely free of charge if you assign us as the Central Agent and otherwise we will be happy to arrange this for you for a fixed price.

Central Agency e-Mail Marketing

Sales activities

The above described marketing activities are essential to generate high-quality leads in an effective way, but the most important activities are the sales activities and negotiations that take place via telephone and e-mail and face-to-face during viewings on board, boat shows, the seatrial and yacht survey. Of course, we also take care of the sales contract and professionally settle the transaction with a Protocol of Delivery & Acceptance of the yacht and all important documents, such as the Bill of Sale. We prefer to do this in cooperation with a lawyer or notary, so that an official escrow account can be used. You really better leave all these kind of works to an experienced yacht broker. As an owner you are too emotionally involved. All sales activities are of course free of charge if you appoint us as the Central Agent or can be arranged for you at an hourly rate.

Central Agency 10 Hours Yacht Marketing


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